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Beef can become deadly because of superbacteria, scientists - RIA Novosti, say 8/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. The beef and other types of meat which are grown up on farms with application of antibiotics can become the first source of the dangerous and impregnable superbacteria capable to cause epidemics among people. About it biologists write in article published in the magazine Scientific Reports.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song to Pass in an image bank Rosselkhoznadzor can limit import of meat from Argentina because of antibiotics "Presence of the bacilli capable to develop enterotoksina, at many samples of beef and chicken meat from Egypt says that these microbes can become serious threat for public health. Further use of antibiotics can force "to transfer" these bacteria this ability to other more dangerous microbes" — write Osman's (Kamelia Osman) Camellia from the University of Cairo (Egypt) and her colleagues. In recent years before physicians more and more widely and more sharply there is a problem of emergence of so-called "superbacteria" — the microbes resistant to action of one or several antibiotics. Among them there are both rare causative agents of infections, and very widespread and dangerous pathogens, such as golden staphylococcus (Staphylococcus aureus) or pneumococcus (Klebsiella pneumoniae). There was a real danger that all antibiotics will lose the efficiency and the medicine will return to "dark centuries". Livestock farms where antibiotics are used for acceleration of growth of meat breeds of the cattle became main "incubators" of such microbes as scientists consider, recently. Both on farms, and in hospitals large numbers of both potential carriers of an infection, and bacteria, and antibiotics forcing them are concentrated to evolve also less prolific supermicrobes which aren't allowing "usual" bacteria to force out. In recent years, as Othman notes, actually worldwide constantly there are scandals connected with import or production of beef or other grades of meat comprising large numbers of dangerous pathogenic microbes.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Pakhomov Scientists called the place where the most dangerous superbakteriipodobny messages in media will appear have induced scientists to carry out own quality check of meat. For this purpose they have visited one of the markets of Cairo, have bought 250 pieces of beef and chicken meat of both local, and foreign production and have studied their "microflora" in laboratory. As it has appeared, approximately at a half of them there were large numbers of microbes from a sort of bacilli. At the same time a third from them contained disputes or active cages of a microbe of a type of Bacillus cereus, one of causative agents of sharp diarrhea and other infections of digestive tract. Unlike other microbes, it is extremely difficult to destroy them during cooking of food as their disputes maintain temperature in 100 degrees, and toxins don't decay from heat. Other pieces of meat comprised those types of bacilli which usually meet in the soil, water and other environments and don't contact various infections. Scientists have checked whether they can do much harm to the person, having analysed what genes, свя



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