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Battle of Donbass. As the southeast of Ukraine was exempted from Nazis - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti, Nikolay Protopopov. Two years of occupation, hundreds of thousands of died military personnel and civilians — annually on September 8 residents of Donetsk celebrate the day of liberation of Donbass from fascist aggressors. Deduction of this region had a strategic importance for command of Nazi Germany. East part of Donbass the Soviet troops have released the 1943rd in February, and after defeat of Germans on the Kursk arch the Red Army has continued approach finally to expel Hitlerites from the southeast of Ukraine. How freed the largest industrial region of the USSR 75 years ago and that inhabitants had to worry about years of occupation — in material of RIA Novosti. By the end of the 1940th years of the mine Voroshilovgrad (Luhansk) and Stalin (Donetsk) areas extracted about sixty percent of coal in the USSR, the metallurgical enterprises of Donbass melted the most part of cast iron and steel, the enterprises of heavy and average mechanical engineering.© RIA Novosti / Boris Kudoyarov have been concentrated here to Pass into an image bank the Operation "Spark": as broke through blockade Leningradaodin from the famous military leaders of the Third Reich the general Erich von Manstein wrote in memoirs: "Donbass played an essential role in operational plans of Hitler. He considered that from mastering this territory located between the Sea of Azov, lower reaches of Don both the lower and average current of the Collum and stretching in the West approximately to the line Mariupol (Zhdanov) — Red Army — Raisin, the result of war will depend. On the one hand, Hitler claimed that without reserves of coal of this area we won't be able to sustain war economically. On the other hand, according to him, loss of this coal by Councils would be decisive blow to their strategy. The Donetsk coal as Hitler considered, was the only coked coal (at least, in the European part of Russia). Loss of this coal would paralyze production of tanks and ammunition in the Soviet Union sooner or later". Offensive of the German troops at Donbass has begun on September 29 the 1941st. The main blow to group of the Soviet troops of the Southern front was struck by the 1st tank group under command of the general field marshal Ewald von Kleist. The armored armada from 350 tanks has broken through the left flank of the 12th army and left to the coast of the Sea of Azov. Along with the North there came cases of the 17th army. On the seventh of October 1941st the advanced parts of armies have connected near Berdyansk. The main forces of the Southern front of the Soviet troops have been surrounded. Next day fights directly for Donbass were developed, by this moment Germans have already taken the cities of Mangush and Mariupol. On the tenth of October Germans have occupied Budyonnovsk and came to near approaches to Taganrog which have seized on October 17. The capital of Donbass — Donetsk (at that time Stalino) — Germans have occupied on October 21. During fights in Donbass from September to November of the 1941st nearly 150 thousand Red Army men have died. About 20 thousand more have made sanitary losses. Elena Spiridonovna Timofeeva, one of female residents of the village Granite Donetsk region, in the 1941st was only five years old.



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