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Autocephaly in Ukraine can lead to the largest split, the expert - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018 said

KIEV, 11 Oct – RIA Novosti. The solution of the Constantinople patriarchy on the beginning of granting autocephaly to Ukraine can lead to the most powerful split in a millennium in Orthodoxy, the head of the Ukrainian analytical center "Third Sector" Andrey Zolotarev.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Starostenko Fanarsky the father considers: what actually Constantinople on Ukrainesinod wants the Constantinople patriarchy earlier confirmed that the Universal patriarchy started granting church to autocephaly in Ukraine. The press secretary of the head of the ROC patriarch Kirill said that this decision of the Synod is split legalization. He also said that the Synod of Constantinople made catastrophic decisions for itself and for world Orthodoxy, passed red line. Ukrainian Orthodox Church in turn did not exclude a rupture of communication with Constantinople and imposing of an anathema, having said what considers deeply hostile act the decision of Constantinople on the Ukrainian uncanonical church. "This decision of the Constantinople patriarch can serve as a trigger for the most powerful split in a millennium in Orthodoxy and the religious conflict in Ukraine. It is obvious" — Zolotarev told RIA Novosti. © AFP 2018/Ozan Kose KPTs repealed the decree on transfer of the Kiev metropolitanate Moscow patriarkhatupr it it considers that this suspended decision. "Varfolomey still that swindler who perfectly understands that once the rendered service is not subject to payment. Respectively, he created a situation when he is the winner. And itself томос can remain in a podvisshy state, the decision can last for indefinite time. And the metropolitanate will be created, in fact, by Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Constantinople patriarchy" — Zolotarev added. The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko tries to achieve recognition of uncanonical religious structures and creation of uniform local autocephalous church in Ukraine, though promised not to interpose in the matter of church. Earlier Constantinople patriarchy "within preparation for granting autocephaly" appointed the exarchs in Kiev. Besides, the Constantinople patriarch Varfolomey said that he intends to provide to Ukraine autocephaly. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church called similar actions invasion on the initial territory of other local church and urged the patriarch Varfolomey to stop the intervention, and "exarchs" of the Constantinople patriarchy — to leave Kiev.© the RIA Novosti / Stringer to Pass into an image bank the Church dream of Poroshenko played with it angry the shutkurussky orthodox church, in turn, went to actual "severance of diplomatic relations" with the Constantinople patriarchy. The synod of the Russian church declared the termination of commemoration of the patriarch Varfolomey during the patriarchal church services. In addition, the decision on getting out of structures in which representatives of the Constantinople patriarchy preside was made. The relations of ROC with Constantinople appeared in such crisis for all its more than thousand-year history only once. The sacred synod of ROC, the Hierarchal synod of Russian Orthodox Church for



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