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At the Ekaterinburg school fifth-graders have broken a neck to the peer - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti, Irina Haletskaya. The group of fifth-graders from Yekaterinburg has beaten the peer directly on the school football field. The victim has told that he interceded for the friend from whom have taken away a jacket. As a result to him have broken a neck. An incident has occurred at the end of September, but the boy has just now returned to lessons: now he is forced to carry a corset and to be careful at movement. Mother tried to find guilty persons, however the principal has said that she has led a discussion with pupils: "Tell thank you that in general have called an ambulance". Then the woman has decided to connect to business of social activists and has addressed to the Ural parental committee. As it has become clear, there were also other similar cases. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev to Pass into an image bank "It AUE is worse". Ofniki is killed with crowd of one for the sake of likes in Setirustam — the fourth of eight children of Irina Usoltceva. So far she at work, watches children the grandmother Nadezhda Grigoryevna. On the twenty sixth of September she the first has learned that to the grandson have broken a neck: his friends have come running and have reported about the event. "Only lessons have come to an end. Rustam's friend has complained to him that children have taken away a jacket. The grandson has gone to understand — there was a fight. One of so-called leaders of group shouted to Rustam that he is "bum", threatened to kill. Then tried to mob him. Rustam has run — six behind him. Have caught up on the football field. Beat with such force that the grandson has shouted from pain" — Nadezhda Usoltceva remembers events of that of day. For noise there were seniors, have separated fighting. All participants of the conflict were taken away to the director, also the grandmother has come running there. "The director has told that boys have reconciled and can go home. But ours was brought to hospital! I knew that run over Rustam — this history lasts from the first class. We large family: each kopek on the account, on school requests to offer on windows, we respond to school desks seldom. When I have begun to swear, have asked to carry out an inspection and to punish guilty persons, the class teacher of the grandson has said: "The school isn't pleasant? You are transferred to another". And how to find approach, it is uneducational? The director has at all waved away: "Tell thank you that we have called an ambulance" — the grandmother continues. According to her, the director provides the version: allegedly Rustam himself is guilty and has attacked children. "At him have found a toy — a ball which is put on a neck of a bottle and makes a sound. Something it is similar to a slingshot, but it is not a slingshot, it doesn't suit for attack — Nadezhda Grigoryevna says. — The director as if didn't want to hear that the grandson has interceded for other boy and has protected him". Now Rustam already goes to school. Usoltceva notes that only one of offenders has called the grandson and has apologized. From their parents there was no sound. "The director has offered: the daddy of the boy has brought three thousand rubles in school — compensation for a corset which is carried now by Rustam because of a neck fracture supposedly come and take away" — the grandmother makes a helpless gesture. According to her, teachers and the director adhere to such position: they aren't guilty, and here at Irina Usoltceva



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