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Astronomers have found traces of "collision" of Solar system with other star - RIA Novosti, 8/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Unusual properties of Uranium and the Neptune and also anomaly in position of dwarf planets say that the Solar system "has faced" other star during the first moments of the life. The astronomers who have published article in Astrophysical Journal.CC BY-SA 4.0/ESO/M have come to such conclusion. Kornmesser / Astronomers have found organic chemistry on the first interstellar asteroid "Flight of a star through Solar system — more realistic alternative to that set of hypotheses which explains unusual lines of our planetary family now. Unlike them we have added to classical model of her formation of everything one new factor, the second star, and the mechanism of her action which leads to emergence of all known anomalies" — Susanne Pfalzner from Institute of radio astronomy in Bonn (Germany) explains. Four years ago the amateur astronomer Ralf-Dieter Scholz has opened how it seemed to him, quite ordinary star — the red dwarf of WISE J0720. Now he is in the constellation of the Unicorn, at distance about 20 light years, that is it is one of the stars, closest to Earth. Two years ago the American astronomers have found out that Sholts's star rather recently, about 70 thousand years ago, has flown by through Solar system. She has approached the Sun on record-breaking short distance, about two light years, having changed orbits of many comets and small celestial bodies in a distant part of an Oort cloud. This opening as note Pfalzner, has set many planetologists thinking on how similar rapprochements of the Sun and other stars could affect shape of Solar system. Similar meetings, according to a number of researchers, could take place often during the first moments of life of a star when it hasn't left yet "a star day nursery" where it was born in the companies of tens of other stars. © Photo: Caltech/R. Scientific Hurt (IPAC): "the planet X" Solar system can be экзопланетойК to an example, rapprochement of the Sun and one more star can explain why Sedna's orbits, Biden and many other dwarf planets are unusually strongly extended and are in a special way inclined in relation to "pancake" of all other Solar system. At the same time they move away from the Sun on insufficiently long distance that it was possible to recognize them as a part of an Oort cloud where the similar behavior "is admissible" from the point of view of the theory. Pfalzner and her colleagues have checked, whether so it actually, having counted several tens of options of similar "rendezvous" of the Sun and its neighbors. For this purpose they have created virtual model of a gas-and-dust cloud where initially there was a newborn Solar system, and have begun to push together her with stars of different masses and sizes. As have unexpectedly shown these calculations, "collision" of Solar system and other star whose weight is approximately equal to solar or I was slightly below her, explains not only strangenesses in the provision of orbits of dwarf planets, but also opens almost all other riddles of "Cradle of Humankind". In particular, flight of other star at distance about 15 billion kilometers from the Sun will lead to the fact that it "at



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