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Astronomers have found the potential homeland of the first of "an interstellar asteroid" - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep – RIA Novosti. Scientists have counted an exact trajectory of the movement of Oumuamua, the first "an interstellar asteroid", and called several star systems from where he could go to a travel to the Sun and Earth more than one million years ago. The list of these stars has been published in article in Photo Astrophysical Journal.©: NASA, ESA, and Z. Scientists have found out Levy (STScI) why the first interstellar asteroid is similar to a cigar "New data on a trajectory of Oumuamua and pictures from the probe GAIA the circle of possible applicants for a role of his homeland have helped us to outline. The most probable candidate is the red dwarf of HIP 3757 in Keith's constellation, remote from Earth on 77 light years so far" — write Olivier Hainaut from the European southern observatory in Munich (Germany) and his colleagues. In the middle of October of last year the automated Pan-STARRS1 telescope has found the first "interstellar" celestial body. This object has been conditionally called "comet", has received the temporary name C/2017 U1, and tens of land and orbital telescopes have begun to watch him. Before she has left near-earth space, scientists have managed to receive a set of pictures and data on its physical properties which have indicated that this object is more an asteroid, than a comet. He has been renamed in 1I/2017 U1, and in a consequence has received a name of Oumuamua that is meant by "intelligence agent" in language of radical inhabitants of the Hawaiian островов.CC BY-SA 4.0/ESO/M. Kornmesser / the First "the interstellar newcomer" was a comet, the uchenyeneobychny cigar-shaped Oumuamua form and presence of large numbers of organic chemistry on his surface say have forced scientists to argue on what actually it was – a kernel of an "extinct" comet, the real asteroid or something else. Now scientists incline again that it nevertheless is a comet which initially lived on suburbs of the newborn double system which hasn't left "a star day nursery" yet. The lack of exact data on a trajectory of the movement of Oamuamua prevented planetologists to define from where this interstellar "intelligence agent" has arrived. Opening of the cometary nature 1I/2017 U1 as marks out Hainaut, has allowed his team to obtain the first exact data on a trajectory of the movement of Oumuamua, having tracked how the manner of his flight through Solar system after "rendezvous" with a star has exchanged. © Fotolia/3000ad Astronomers, perhaps, have opened for the second interstellar asteroidet the shifts generated by emissions of gases from the warmed surface of interstellar "intelligence agent" have helped scientists to calculate the exact direction of his movement and to impose it on the three-dimensional map of the Galaxy which is recently made by means of the probe Gaia.Posle of it scientists have counted all stars which were at distance approximately in the 2nd parsec (6,5 light years) from the line on which the comet towards Earth and the Sun moved and have calculated under what conditions she could leave these star systems. In total, the trajectory of the movement of Oumuamua crosses vicinities of 28 stars, however only four of them as show Hainaut calculations



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