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Astronomers have found "the galactic desert" in the young Universe - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. Observations of the most ancient galaxies have helped astrophysicists to open one more "the space desert" — the sphere with a diameter about 500 million light years in the constellation of Fishes which is almost completely deprived of stars. Photos of this anomaly are published in Astrophysical Journal.© the Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina our Galaxy was unusually "lonely", astronomers "have found out Presence of such zone of emptiness at the young Universe sharply changes our ideas of how she became transparent and as the first galaxies were born. If our observations are right, then it is possible to say that matter is distributed on the universe is more non-uniform, than we considered earlier" — Stephen Furlanetto from the University of California in Los Angeles (USA) tells. As cosmologists consider, matter is widespread on the Universe not evenly, and in the form of a huge web — the threadlike congestions of visible and dark matter connected with each other divided by huge space deserts. These emptiness and congestions — result of peculiar "echo" of the Big Bang, the so-called barionny acoustic oscillations which have distributed matter unevenly on promptly extending Universe. The cosmological theories describing formation of this web quite well predict situation and the sizes of modern galaxies, however recently scientists have found several serious divergences. For example, near our Galaxy they have found unusual structure, "The great repeller" where there is practically no visible matter. Moreover, it has become clear later, as the Milky Way is in "an emptiness zone" where the space can quicker extend, than in other areas of the Universe. © Photo: ESA/Hubble, NASA, HST Frontier Fields Astronomers: mysterious "chains" of galaxies exist already 10 billion летФурланетто and his colleagues have accidentally opened one more similar anomaly, watching by means of the Subaru telescope the most ancient galaxies located approximately in 12 billion light years from Earth. Astronomers, as marks out Furlanetto, interests long ago why the ultra-violet radiation of the brightest and hot stars in the early Universe (a so-called laymanovsky luminescence) is extremely non-uniform it is distributed on the night sky. In this respect there can be two explanations. On the one hand, it is quite possible that galaxies and matter have been scattered on the universe not so uniformly as the theory shows. With another — some objects or processes because of what it seems to us that certain parts of the Universe were more dark, than actually can hinder the movement of light of these stars. Furlanetto and his colleagues have checked these theories, watching such "hole" in a laymanovsky luminescence located on a joint of constellations of Keith, Fishes and the Aries. By means of "Subaru" scientists have counted number of quasars (active kernels of galaxies) and have determined force of their ultra-violet luminescence. © Hoffman et al. / Cosmologists have found Nature Astronomy 2017 the reasons of mysteriously fast movement Galaktikiokazalos that in this sector of braids



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