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Astronomers have found out why some black holes "dance" - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti. Long observations of "spittle" of a black hole in the center of the galaxy M87 have helped astronomers to find out why she periodically "dances", moving from one place to another. Their conclusions have been presented in the MNRAS.© Axel magazine. Astronomers have found out M. Quetz/MPIA Heidelberg why "spittles" of black holes break velocity of light "We have shown that the black hole sat in the same place for at least last 20 years. She "danced" in the night sky because position of her photocenter – that part of emissions which generates most of all light changed" — Elena Lopez-Navas from La-Lagouna's (Spain) university has said. The huge elliptic galaxy of M87 is located in Virgo constellation and removed from us on distance in 54 million years. The supermassive black hole in her center weighing 6,6 billion solar masses was considered as the heaviest object such until recently until her record was broken by "heavyweights" in galaxies of NGC 3842 and NGC 4889 weighing 9,7 and 27 billion masses of the Sun. A year ago astrophysicists have begun to observe Jett, a narrow bunch of matter which is spat out by a black hole in the M87 center. They have found out that this stream of matter "danced" – his basis constantly shook in the parties, and streams of matter received additional acceleration. Shift of the basis of Jett has caused a lot of a controversy among scientists on how it could occur. For example, many scientists assume that "spittle" can be bent and move in the parties under the influence of magnetic fields which arise in the processed matter surrounding a black hole. © Photo: ESO/L. Calçada Astronomers have opened a secret of "fluffiness" of tails black dyrpr it also the fact that not "spittle", but a black hole has moved that breaks all possible ideas of their behavior and work isn't excluded. Despite all irreality of the similar theory, certain reasons for such idea nevertheless is – in recent last M87 I have faced other galaxy that could force her black hole to form couple with new "neighbor" or even to merge with her. Lopez-Navas and her colleagues have checked what of these theories is faithful, having united and having analysed pictures of the central part M87 which Hubble, VLT and many other largest land and orbital telescopes of the world received in the last two decades. Comparing the provision of a black hole in the pictures received by means of optical, infrared and ultra-violet telescopes, astrophysicists have defined how the provision of "spittle" of a black hole changed and what really operated his "migrations". © Astronomers have for the first time measured by ESA/ATG medialab force of magnetic field at edge black dyryokazatsya that for the last few years the black hole in the M87 center has endured several flashes of activity in 2003-2007. They considerably have changed where there is the main source of visible light and other types of radiation developed by a black hole and its Jett. In the past as show calculations of scientists, this point was in the next okrest



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