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As the underground medicine at migrants illegal immigrants - RIA Novosti, is arranged 8/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Aug — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Gnedinskaya. Trimming at home or termination of pregnancy in underground clinic — the migrants working in Russia have equipped under themselves for a long time infrastructure including in the medical sphere. Ethnopoliclinics and the whole network of doctors who privately carry out the procedures demanded at visitors work in the large cities. The other day after house trimming the two-year-old boy from the Tajik family has nearly died. RIA Novosti has learned where and as illegal migrants are treated. On the twentieth of August the citizens of Tajikistan living in Nova Moskve have called an ambulance to the two-year-old child. Have explained to doctors that have used services of the private expert who has carried out to their son trimming in house conditions. At first the head of family wanted to address to paid clinic, but there for the procedure have requested 30 thousand rubles. Then visitors have called the private doctor — he to them was recommended by acquaintances. Those assured that the person "checked" and takes cheap. © RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank In Moscow have detained the man who has operated the child on домуВрач I have arrived next day, I have given two anesthetizing injections, I have started the procedure. However to the child it became in the eyes bad — he has begun to fight in spasms, to become blue, has fainted consciousness. By helicopter of the boy have taken to hospital. As it has become clear, against the background of anesthetic he had had an anaphylactic shock, the child has felled into a coma. Physicians managed to stabilize his state, now nothing threatens life of the boy. The expert to whose services the family has resorted was detained: it has appeared, he worked without license. Have brought criminal case. The head of the family says that he has decided to carry out the procedure not in medical institution only for economy. But, as the chairman of Association of the Tajik organizations "Samandar", the member of council for nationalities at the Government of Moscow Abdullo Davlatov, trimming at home — the practician, quite ordinary for some natives of Central Asia, has explained RIA Novosti. "In Tajikistan for this purpose often cause "lips" — masters. They have no medical education, but there is an extensive experience which they pass on from generation to generation. I several times saw how they work, and have been struck. I remember how "lips" has given to the five-year-old child national flat cake, I have told: "If it is sore, clamp her teeth". However the boy even hasn't managed to scream as the master has made the business. And without any anesthesia. Then I have asked the guy whether it was sore to him. "No — the child has answered. — As if the mosquito has bitten". Instead of antiseptics "lips" use the burned cotton wool — it is considered that this material has the disinfecting effect. "What is interesting, at that master whose work I watched, in the first-aid kit there was a sintomitsinovy ointment. But he preferred vatu. And after it kustarno I didn't hear the carried-out surgical intervention about one complication" — Davlatov claims. However "lips" don't go to Russia. And some parents, paying a tribute to traditions, want to carry out this procedure of the house, a sawn-off shotgun



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