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As nigeriyka get to sexual slavery in Russia - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Chernyshev. Fellow countrymen promised the Nigerian girl from poor family study and work in Russia, and voodoos ceremonies on fidelity to "hostess" have forced to pass then, have selected the passport and have handed over in slavery in a brothel. For release forty five thousand dollars have demanded — it is possible to earn so much, only if within several years daily to trade in the body. There is a lot of similar stories. However, not all captives have reconciled to such situation: one have already handed over souteneurs of police, others in a step from freedom now. As the Nigerian market of sexual services in Moscow — in material of RIA Novosti works. We come into the Moscow hookah — the small room with the muffled light and a sweetish smell of tobacco. In the afternoon of visitors here not at all. The office of "Alternative" — the organization which on a voluntary basis is engaged in release of people from slavery — is in five minutes from here on foot. However activists prefer to hold meetings with the foreigners who have got to sexual slavery here — to almost death the intimidated nigeriyka in such situation feel more safely. The first there are Joy and Bella (they have asked not to call surnames) — brightly dressed black girls. Strangely enough, Africans keep relaxedly, joke, smile. It appears, they have nothing to be afraid — recently they were pulled out from paws of souteneurs. The coordinator of "Alternative" Yulia Siluyanova embraces them and in English is interested, how are you. Bella and Joy have come to support the girlfriend who still "works" in a brothel. "First girls are afraid of us therefore we will organize to them a meeting with already released compatriots to convince: we want to help. In search of the better life more and more Nigerian girls come both to Russia, and to Europe. Nigeria — the country poor, with strong slaveholding traditions. Brothels hundreds, they are "protected" by influential representatives of diaspora" — Siluyanova explains. Soon Oleg, one more activist of "Alternative", brings Feyvor (the name is changed) — the worker of a brothel. Oleg has caused her as the client. Feyvor sits down and shortly tells that he is created in the apartment equipped under salon of intimate services. "Madam smells cocaine with the guy. Junked grabs the iron and cauterizes little girls. Good it isn't enough" — the nigeriyka describes everyday life. "It is the last boundary. We have to collect proofs that your passport at "madam" and she holds you violently (for obvious reasons we lower some details. — Editor's note). When everything is ready, write to Oleg. Begin the message, as always, with the code word "dzhus". So we will understand that it you, but not the pimp. "Huy" will mean in reply that Oleg has approached. Leave an entrance and just leave proofs in any imperceptible place. He will see where will take away later. Don't call him and don't report anything personally" — instructs Yuli. Bella with Joy are connected and in eager rivalry advise how all is better to arrange. "Be afraid of nothing. The main thing — behave naturally, she shouldn't suspect anything" — a podcherkiva



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