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"As in 1941": NI called a condition of Naval Forces of Germany a shame - RIA Novosti, 8/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Aug — RIA Novosti. The condition of Naval Forces of Germany is shameful for the richest country of Europe, The National Interest.CC BY-SA 4.0/Ein Dahmer / writes to Stop up holes with money. New and expensive ships of NATO aren't ready to boyuiz-for insufficient financings and bad planning already now the German fleet isn't able to carry out the main objectives, approves the edition. At the same time actually the problem is more serious, than the simple shortage of money: difficulties, according to authors of article, are available in all components of Naval Forces of Germany, since submarines and finishing naval aircraft. The German fleet incorporates six 212U submarines, however all of them, according to NI, are in an unsuitable state and that the German industry actively sells similar submarines to the whole world. The German press explains it with a lack of spare parts that in itself is strange for the richest state of the EU, specifies the edition. Also authors of article criticize a condition of naval aircraft of Germany. After the beginning of write-off of the patrol Breguet Atlantique planes the German command in 2005 has decided to buy the supported P-3C planes from the Netherlands which allies of Germany on NATO now actively remove from arms, it is noted in the publication. At the same time the Bundeswehr has no opportunity to contain even supported to the technician, and, according to some experts, any of the planes acquired from the Netherlands isn't in a combat-ready state, The National Interest writes. The German frigate has fallen a victim to own raketysostoyania of the German surface fleet slightly better, however and here Naval Forces of Germany have certain problems: unsatisfactory operational characteristics of the fighting ships and also their frequent breakages. The standards adopted for today are lagged behind also by fighting characteristics of the ships, experts conclude. According to authors of article, the German fleet has appeared in a situation, in the spring of 1941, similar to situation, when Hitlerite Krigsmarin have faced the newest arms of allies and couldn't resist to him successfully. Earlier the tabloid Bild with reference to the report of Federal Audit Chamber of Germany has reported that the Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leien was accused of concealment of malfunctions of military equipment and "embellishment of statistics". According to the edition, last year any German submarine wasn't suitable for operation, it was possible to involve less than a half of frigates and tanks and only every third fighting helicopter. Besides, corvettes which combat readiness I declared to von der Leien had no weapon, the ships had no guided missiles, and on submarines there was a shortage of crews.



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