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"Any Ukraine here". In Donetsk have said goodbye to Alexander Zakharchenko - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

DONETSK, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti, Vera Kostamo. From seven in the morning at opera and ballet theater where there takes place farewell to the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, people began to gather. Not only residents of Donetsk, but also from Yasinovataya, Horlivka and other cities of unrecognized republics. There have arrived also delegations from Moscow, the Crimea. As followed to the grave the leader of rebels — in material of the observer of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov have come to Pass into an image bank At parting with Zakharchenko in Donetsk more than 120 thousand to a chelovekta who can't stand in quickly expanding queue, sit on borders. It is a lot of elderly, the men in black. Stand groups, one by one. On the square it is silent. By eight in the morning the turn goes outside Artyom. "Anything, except tears! We don't know what to tell, tears smother — Sofya, Taisiya and their husbands have arrived from Yasinovataya. — The most bitter that he hasn't lived up to a victory. We have come because couldn't stay at home in such day. In advance have arrived to manage to say goodbye. At the republic everything will be good, we trust. In memory of Zakharchenko we have to trust in it. The main thing that Russia hasn't thrown us. We at all almost have relatives there. He didn't hide! Constantly he was seen in the city. And smile! The charisma is such that women fell in love. What beautiful person was. At the girlfriend the granddaughter told that he has arrived to school, shook hands with children. And so, she home has come running and says: "The grandmother, I won't wash a hand now. Zakharchenko has greeted me". By nine o'clock the area between movie theater of Shevchenko and opera and ballet theater is almost filled. The silence, the lost face, is a lot of women with children. "On the eve of Vysotsky's funeral near the official obituary in a window of Taganka Theatre the inscription has appeared: "It is difficult to believe in it. About it it dread to think" is about Zakharchenko. We watch news and we don't trust. On soothing all these days — Elena cries. — We didn't leave anywhere, all these years here, residents of the area of the airport, Putilovki, have endured what in the fairy tale to tell, a feather to describe. Only thanks to such people as Alexander Vladimirovich, we talk now. Have come to tell thanks and to ask forgiveness that was saved. The Motorola, Givi, Zakharchenko — isn't present than such any more. We watch all talk shows, on experts from the Ukrainian side — we understand, the alternative opinion is necessary, but we can't look at this lie! People here never were and tell it. Invite us, those who have endured all this. Listen to our point of view. We will show photos, certificates that do with our children here! Why to us have come? We very much loved Zakharchenko. It is shock. It is irreplaceable loss. How could it in general occur?! In the downtown where there are a lot of mothers with children where ordinary people walk. In broad daylight. Doesn't go in. It is pure terrorism. To me two times happened to communicate with him. I haven't felt at all that it is the head of the republic. Very charming, attentive, doesn't interrupt. Ordinary person. Hero. I didn't hide when everything has begun, he has gone to protect us, those who to protect се



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