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"And you, Brutus?": Kiev has shuddered from treachery of Naftogaz - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

Sign of oil and gas holding Naftogaz of Ukraine in Kiev
MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti, Alexander Lesnykh. The management of Naftogaz has appealed to court with the requirement of compensation 6,634 billion hryvnias (about 238 million dollars) for gas supply to the population. The company considers that have suffered damage because of inaction of the government which has simply shifted all cost of maintenance of "the fair price" of fuel to Naftogaz. What this history for the Ukrainian economy and and here Russian Gazprom — in material of RIA Novosti will end with. © AFP 2018/Nicholas Kamm of the Empire strike back: Russia, India and China have refused from dollaraochevidno that Naftogaz was tired of frauds of official Kiev, and now his business strategy can be reduced to a formula "everyone for itself". So, spring of this year the gas monopolist has nearly lost five billion hryvnias which the enterprise of the businessman Rinat Akhmetov has run into debt him, the owner of Kiyevenergo. On his balance there were a CHPP-5 and CHPP-6 with a general power of 1200 megawatts supplying with heat and hot water all districts of the city on the right coast of Dnieper, and some more — on left. As a result of May 1 both combined heat and power plants have transferred to the new enterprise "Kiyevteploenergo" which representatives have said that they don't intend to pay off on Akhmetov's debts. In Naftogaz since 2015 forced to keep the cost of the fuel delivered to the population at the level recorded by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine they have sighed and, having shrugged shoulders, have simply blocked the gate. As a result almost all Kiev was left without hot water practically for half a year — so far the authorities haven't made the decision to repay to the supplier of gas a part of a debt. Now Naftogaz has gone further away and has demanded from the government compensation for the entire period during which it was necessary to sell gas to the population below market value. "The Cabinet of Ministers can oblige participants of the market to sell gas, only if for it compensation which would cover losses in comparison with option when they sell gas by the principle of free trade is provided" — the chief executive officer of Naftogaz Yury Vitrenko has said. Quite possibly, the company is concerned about consequences of the upcoming presidential elections. Poroshenko together with all team will almost with guarantee be dismissed, and the new Ukrainian government, most likely, will refuse to pay on debts of predecessors. Considering that by the time of elections the state treasury of Ukraine will become empty almost completely, such scenario is very probable. It is necessary to receive the money to Naftogaz as soon as possible. And the only effective tool of pressure upon the Cabinet of Ministers — overlapping of the gate. So hot water from the Ukrainian houses can disappear for an indefinite term again in the nearest future. It is not the first attack of the management of Naftogaz against the government. In the middle of October the head of the company Andrey Kobolev has said that without tranche from the IMF the country is waited by a default as the Cabinet of Ministers isn't able to pay off on external debts. In total in the next five years Kiev should give nearly 33 billion dollars according to debt obligations. In the 2019th — five billion, in the 2020th



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