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Almost all residents of the USA can be "found" through genomic databases - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

MOSCOW, 12 Oct – RIA Novosti. The Israeli geneticists made the curious "investigative experiment" which showed that the personality of any U.S. citizen can be identified on one DNA sample in 60% of cases, using private genomic databases. Their conclusions were are presented in the Human face magazine Science.© Fotolia/Henrik Dolle it is impossible "to calculate" on its DNA, geneticists said" It is possible to tell that in the near future genomic databases will work as "GPS system" for search of anonymous owners of this or that DNA. A role of coordinates in it will be played by the family trees allowing to find these or those people through their relatives even in those cases if they did not take such tests" — Yaniv Erlich from the university of Colombia in New York (USA) tells. Development of genomic technologies and reduction in cost of the procedure of interpretation of DNA made genetic examination one of the main tools of the criminologists, historians and many other experts who are not connected directly with biology. Today genomes are used for search of criminals, the gone people and disclosure of mysteries of origin of the people. Moreover, last year Craig Venter, the famous biobusinessman and the geneticist, said that his team could find the sites of DNA operating a shape of a face and other anatomic lines. Their analysis, according to the geneticist, allows to make the correct identikit of the person in 75% of cases. Venter's ideas caused heavy criticism from other biologists including Erlich. As then Erlich noted, all sense of this "opening" came down to the fact that the age of the person and also his floor and ethnic origin can be calculated on its DNA and to use these data for narrowing of a circle of potential "suspects". It works in small groups of people, but will not work at the level of the countries and large cities. © Photo: MyHeritage of Genetics opened record-breaking big family from 13 million lyudeypodobny reasonings and disputes with Venter suggested to Erlich an idea of creation of a technique which would allow to identify really the identity of the casual person on the street or helped police to look for criminals in scales of the whole country, using only single samples of their DNA. Today, as Erlich notes, the companies, such as 23andMe, Family Tree, Ancestry and their other competitors calculating the family relations between the clients and determining their predisposition to different diseases by samples of their DNA especially violently develop. © Fotolia/Dan Race Thieves of genes: why the British scientists study opinions of Russians on Dnkuslugami of similar startups today millions of people in the USA and in other developed countries of the world use thanks to what they saved up one of the biggest genetic databases in the world. Their data are used today by scientists for search of the genes connected with rare hereditary diseases and also a set of other purposes. Erlich and his colleagues used one of such databases, the collected company MyHeritage, for check of whether it is possible to use them and in "a krimin



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