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Alekseev: Kiev will be surprised when plans of the patriarch Varfolomey for Ukrainian Orthodox Church - RIA Novosti, clear up 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. Actions of the Constantinople patriarchy are directed to destruction of orthodox unity, at the same time even the authorities of Ukraine and leaders of the dissenting church organizations in the country have no complete idea of true intentions of the patriarch Varfolomey, the president of the international Fund of Unity of the Orthodox People (FUOP) Valery Alekseev has told on Wednesday to RIA Novosti. "What the patriarch Varfolomey, this quite strange statement announced. Because it is unclear after all that it will be. And that it in general for exarchs such which are directed to Ukraine. Apparently, it is talked about some hidden project which, actually, publicly isn't announced. I think that in this case there will be some surprises" — Alekseev.© RIA Novosti / Grigory Kostin Pereyti in an image bank of ROC has told: on the main issues of granting autocephaly will reach консенсусПо it to opinion, the Ukrainian authorities headed by the president Petro Poroshenko, "probably, will be surprised when some views of this project of the patriarch Varfolomey and forces standing behind him a little are slightly opened", and Kiev will receive as a result absolutely not that wanted. "I think that the pseudo-patriarch Filaret, Mikhail Antonovich Denisenko has the greatest concern of rather happening processes. And not accidentally he that is called has headlong gone to Washington, understanding that there, most likely, the kitchen around this autocephaly cooks. Because he was very much disturbed by those steps and that format which prepares. It not what he called for and the president Poroshenko "set" by him" — Alekseev has noted. According to him, the Ukrainian authorities want autocephaly "full, unconditional and final, in the manner of the Russian church" "But I think that they will be surprised with that offer which to them as a result will be offered by Fanar. I emphasize that it in all completeness from us still is that is called hidden, we don't know the final decision … A game continues, and I don't think that it will quickly come to the end. And hardly on Fanar think of providing to Ukraine full and final independence — it is hardly possible" — the interlocutor of the agency has added. In general, Fund of Unity of the Orthodox People regards actions of the patriarch Varfolomey as "antikanonichny, directed to destruction, destruction of orthodox unity". It is said in the distributed statement of fund that "the unbrotherly and uncanonical solution of the Constantinople patriarchy has caused great concerns and disorders in orthodox clergy and believers of Ukraine, deep concern at a hierarchy and multimillion flock of Russian Orthodox Church and was threatened by unity of all orthodox world". In this regard FEPN RIA Novosti / Grigory Kostin Pereyti in an image bank of Ukrainian Orthodox Church has appealed to the patriarch Varfolomey to revise the decision to send two exarchs to Kiev and to resume consultations and negotiations with Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Moscow patriarchy for the purpose of "a uvrachevaniye of church split in Ukraine in the initial way".© has demanded from exarchs of the Constantinople patriarch



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