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Aksenov has invited Americans to the Crimea - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

SIMFEROPOL, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov called new sanctions of the USA result of false and hypocritical policy and has invited Americans to visit the peninsula that to discredit propaganda myths. The day before the special representative of State Department of the USA to Ukraine Curt Volcker has said that the USA imposes sanctions against three natural persons and nine organizations in connection with annexation of the Crimea and a situation in Donbass. Among nine organizations which have appeared under sanctions — "Ah-Understand sanatoria", Dyulber and Miskhor in the Crimea and also the Southern Project company belonging to Bank Rossiya of Yury Kovalchuk which at the end of 2017 has acquired 100% of shares of the Crimean plant of sparkling wines "New World" at the auction. "It won't influence development of our republic in any way. We live under sanctions since 2014, and during this time in the Russian Crimea is made more, than for nearly a quarter of the century of life without sanctions as a part of Ukraine. Moreover: getting into sanctions lists is an additional advertizing for our means of placement … To discredit propaganda myths it is rather simple to visit the Crimea and to talk to inhabitants of the peninsula. So we invite Americans on a visit. Come, you look – and draw conclusions. I will notice that this year our peninsula was visited by tourists from 132 countries" — Aksenov on the page on Facebook has written. At the same time, according to him, the fact that sanctions don't work doesn't cancel an essence and the purposes of sanctions policy. "On the one hand, it is discrimination of Crimeans, causing the maximum harm to the population of the peninsula. That is actually it is logic of war according to which for causing damage to the opponent all means are good. Such actions strengthen our confidence in correctness of the choice made in 2014 that even more if not intervention of Russia, our region would be waited by the fate of Donbass" — Aksenov has noted. On the other hand, according to him, it is attempt to put the psychological pressure upon those citizens of the western countries who don't trust promotion and are going to visit the Crimea. "And, of course, it is a striking example of false and hypocritical policy when the coup d'état in Kiev which is carried out with assistance of crowd from several tens of thousands people appears an example of democracy, and the free choice of two million Crimeans and residents of Sevastopol – "annexation" and "occupation" — the head of the republic has noted. In more detail about news of the Crimea — on crimea.ria. ru>>



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