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Air pollution can cause mouth cancer, scientists - RIA Novosti, 10.10.2018 say

MOSCOW, 10 Oct – RIA Novosti. The large number of drops of toxic aerosols and small particles of dust in air was connected with the increased risk to catch mouth cancer. The Taiwan physicians who published results of long-term observations in Journal of Investigative Medicine.© REUTERS/Mike Blake Scientists came to such conclusion found out why firefighters often suffer from cancer "We conducted the first large-scale research which accurately showed that between cancer of a mouth and number of particles in the atmosphere there is a statistical communication. Our opening became the next certificate that aerosols and small particles of dust have extremely negative effect on health of the person" — write Yung-Po Liaw from the Chongshan university in Taichung (Taiwan). In recent years scientists are actively interested in how activity of the person and growth of population of Earth could influence its climate and ecology before an industrial era which development of global warming and sharp growth of concentration of toxic and harmful substances in the atmosphere, water and in the soil contacts today. By the current estimates of WHO, 80% of residents of the cities of the world breathe air where concentration of harmful substances exceeds the norms established by the organization. It is especially brightly shown in Third World countries where actually all population of megalopolises lives or in the conditions of a constant smog, as in China, or at air pollution by a large number of cancerogenic products of combustion of gasoline, as in the majority of the countries of Southeast Asia. © Scientists from Russia found out Fotolia/kasto why some nanoparticles cause a raklyaa and its colleagues obtained the first reliable data on how these emissions influence probability of development of cancer of mouth, having analysed data which were collected with four largest hospitals of Taipei, the capitals of the island, for the last decade. In total, during this time in hospitals about half a million residents asked for the help with the most different reasons. About 1,6 thousand from them became victims of cancer of mouth that allowed scientists to check whether it is connected with cancerogenic aerosols, having compared the frequency of development of cancer in different districts of the city with cards of air pollution in the territory of Taipei. © Fotolia/stockphoto-graf Artificial light influences development of cancer at night, considers ученыйИсключив influence of other adverse factors, such as use of tobacco or betel, scientists found out that the people living in the most polluted capital corners suffered from cancer 43% more often, than citizens from other districts of Taipei. On action force as scientists note, the smog did not concede to either tobacco, or betel, two leading reasons of development of this form of cancer in the countries of Asia. According to doctors, so far precisely it is impossible to tell whether aerosols were the only cause of it, or the high probability of emergence of tumors was connected with something else. As hope Lyau and his colleagues, animal experiments will help to understand, how exactly aerosols contribute to the development of cancer and as it can be avoided.



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