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Agrarian accident: the American farmers in large quantities go bankrupt because of Russia - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Lesnykh. The The Wall Street Journal newspaper has accused the White House of the most large-scale ruin of farms since the 1980th years. Journalists note that the trade war launched by Washington not only has excited the Chinese import duties for the American wheat to 25%, but also has actually saved Russia from the competition from the USA. What else decrees of Trump have struck landowners and that Moscow — in material of RIA Novosti will benefit from it. © RIA Novosti / Konstantin Chalabov to Pass into an image bank Hand over mushrooms — buy the car. The State Duma will return to Russians procuring kontoryproblema of the United States with export of wheat have begun in 2016 when the share of the American producers in the world market has decreased to a ten-year minimum. The Ministry of Agriculture of the USA has reported that 22% of the general supply of grain — beyond Russia, 14% — beyond the European Union and only 13% — for the USA. Since then the situation for the American farmers hasn't improved: in the 2017th Russia has increased export of wheat to one and a half times — to 40 million tons. Domestic landowners were helped by good weather and massive support of the government. "Agricultural producers needed the earth — we have corrected the legislation, and last year for the first time in 15 years cultivated area has exceeded 80 million hectares — the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has said at the end of April. — In the fall we have reaped such big grain yield that it was difficult to take away by rail. Therefore the reduced rate for grain transportation has been entered. We also build new terminals in ports, we create network of wholesale distribution centers". Russia has big plans for development of grain infrastructure. One of examples — the KSK terminal in Novorossiysk which goods turnover will grow from two and a half to four million tons by 2020. It should be noted that the initiative of the government has met broad support in branch: in an interview of WSJ the local farmers unloading grain via this terminal have told that they could sell even more if infrastructure.© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Klimentyev allowed to Pass into an image bank One pipe well, and two — it is better. Moscow and Beijing have struck on рукамПо to estimates of experts, lag of the USA from Russia will only grow in production and export of wheat. In the long term the gap will increase because of climatic changes. According to forecasts of the Kansas university, in fertile regions of Europe and Asia average air temperature in comparison with the end of the 1980th will increase by 1,8 degrees by 2020 and by 3,9 degrees — to the 2050th. It means that Russia will introduce about 57 million more hectares of the earth into agricultural circulation, and territories of agricultural appointment in the USA, Canada and Australia will be reduced, scientists note. But there are also purely economic reasons of the extending presence of Russia in the world market of grain. First of all — decline of ruble to dollar for the last four years that has made the prices of the Russian wheat more attractive to foreign buyers. Besides that the quality of grain has significantly increased. On the other hand, have decreased for



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