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Abramovich has withdrawn a request for the residence permit in Switzerland - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

GENEVA, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti, Elizabeth Isakova. The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has withdrawn a request for providing the residence permit to him in Switzerland before the final decision of the authorities of the country, the press secretary of the State secretariat on migration (SEM) Loukas Ридер.© of REUTERS/John Sibley Livepic of media has told RIA Novosti: Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea for record money" We can confirm that Roman Abramovich has submitted the application to the State secretariat on migration for obtaining the residence permit, according to the Federal law on foreign citizens. This application has been withdrawn. Because of data protection we can't provide more information on this business" — he has told. It is about Abramovich's application for the residence permit in the Swiss canton of Valais where ski resorts Verbe and Tsermatt are located. He filed the relevant documents in 2016, however then has recalled him. Earlier the head of department of safety, migration and sport of the Canton of Valais Jacques de Lavallaz told RIA Novosti that the Russian billionaire applied for the document of category B, but RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov has taken away the application.© to Pass into an image bank of media: Roman Abramovich has bought a penthouse in London for 30 million фунтовВ the beginning of year the Swiss edition Le Matin Dimanche has said that to Abramovich it has been refused issue of the document for the reasons, "attracting interest of public". The newspaper at the same time didn't begin to open these reasons as the Russian billionaire has forbidden to publish them through commercial court of Zurich. After receiving the ban from Abramovich, the owner of the edition the Tamedia group has expressed the intention to fight for the rights. In the spring the court has made the decision in favor of Le Matin Dimanche and has obliged the oligarch to pay legal costs. Four months later, on September 25, the Tamedia group through the media has published article where it is noted that have refused to Abramovich providing the residence permit because of the report of Federal police (Fedpol). The document has been provided with journalists at the beginning of a year. In him, in particular, it was indicated criminal communications of the billionaire and, in this regard, possible threats for reputation of the country and safety of citizens of Switzerland. Fedpola didn't begin to confirm to RIA Novosti existence of the similar report on Abramovich's business, however have noted that SEM has the right to address them for more information. © RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass into an image bank with the Owner of a half of Pioner movie theater there was Abramovich's Millhouse "Fedpol the help to the State secretariat on migration (SEM) can refuse process providing issue of the residence permit according to the Federal law on foreign citizens. Based on information from various sources, Fedpol estimates whether issue of the residence permit of internal or external security of Switzerland threatens. The solution on providing the residence permit is found in competence SEM" — the representative of the press service Fedpola Florian Nef has told RIA Novosti. He has emphasized that "there are several cases when SEM the refusal made the decision



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