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Abe is ready to discuss with Kim Jong-un a solution with the kidnapped Japanese - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

The UN, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe is ready to meet personally the leader of DPRK Kim Jong-un to solve a problem of the Japanese citizens kidnapped in the 1970-80th years by North Korean intelligence agencies and withheld in this country. © Mun Zhe Ying has transferred by AP Photo/Evan Vucci to Trump the message from Kim Chen Ynakak has noted from a tribune of the United Nations General Assembly of Abe, he "resolutely supports return home of all kidnapped Japanese citizens". "The position of Japan hasn't changed – it is necessary to solve problems of the Japanese citizens withheld in this country (kidnapped in the 1970-80th years by North Korean intelligence agencies – an edition), nuclear and rocket weapon, and after that it is possible to put end under the unfortunate past to go towards normalization of the relations. … I am ready for a solution withheld in this country (DPRK – an edition) the Japanese citizens to break a shell of mutual distrust with North Korea and to meet directly Kim Jong-un. So far it isn't solved, but this meeting has to lead to a solution of the problem of the Japanese citizens who are violently withheld in Northern Korea" — Abe has told. He has noted that he with great interest monitors changes which happen in Northern Korea. "Now I with huge interest watch changes which happen in Northern Korea. Now it orbits to catch the historical chance. In Northern Korea there are rich natural resources and high-performance labor" — I have said Japanese premieres.© of REUTERS Japan waits from DPRK of concrete steps on a denuclearization, has declared Sugaspetssluzhby of DPRK from 1970th years have kidnapped at least 17 citizens of Japan. DPRK has admitted only 13 facts. Five hostages could return to Japan following the results of visits to DPRK of the former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi at the beginning of the 2000th years. Other eight people, as the North Korean side assures, have died. However Japan considers proofs of death unconvincing or false and continues to demand delivery of all hostages. In particular, it has become clear that DNA of the remains shown as proofs doesn't coincide with DNA of members of the family of kidnapped persons. Japan also insists on investigation of fate of other Japanese who for one reason or another have appeared in Northern Korea. In 2014 Japan managed to achieve from DPRK creation of committee with special powers which had to study a question of the Japanese citizens thoroughly. In response to it Japan has cancelled a part of the economic sanctions imposed against DPRK. Tokyo expected that investigation will be finished in a year, however in 12 months she didn't manage to receive from the North Korean side even of the first results. After that Japan has returned to the former mode of sanctions, and North Korea has stopped consultations on this question.



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