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A third "суперземель" was the water worlds, scientists - RIA Novosti, say 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug — RIA Novosti. Planetologists have analysed properties of nearly several thousand "суперземель" and have come to a conclusion that a third from them represents planets oceans. Their conclusions have been presented at the geochemical Goldschmidt conference in Boston.© has found NASA/JPL-Caltech of Kepler ten new possible doubles of Earth" the Similar conclusion became for us big surprise. We just tried to understand how the mass of planets is connected with their radius, and have created model which explains the interrelation existing between them. She shows that planets whose radius exceeds terrestrial no more than by 1,5 times, remain stony whereas larger already have to be the water worlds" — Li Zeng from Harvard University (USA) has said. For the last few years the orbital Kepler telescopes, CoRoT and also their land fellows have opened over one thousand exoplanets and several thousands of possible candidates for this role. Most of them is among "hot" floodlights, however new techniques allow to find more and more minor planets. The growing number of potential doubles of Earth has set scientists thinking that on part of them there can be life. Many of stony planets are among so-called "суперземель" — their weight, the sizes and density are approximately in the middle between indicators of Earth and gas giants. For this reason planetologists aren't sure today that the found worlds are similar on the shape to Earth: it is quite possible that they "oceanic" most of which part of weight is made by water. As Zeng explains, it is impossible to give definite answer to this question so far as modern telescopes can't receive the photo of planets or study their range in detail. © NASA Ames/N. Batalha and W. Stenzel "Kepler" has found nine planets on which can arise zhizngarvardsky astronomers have approached a problem from other corner. They didn't try "to guess" structure of planets according to those data on their sizes and weight which were already available for them, and have arrived exactly the opposite. Changing players and structure of virtual copies of these planets, researchers tried to find properties which would lead to formation of the same indicators "суперземель" which have been open for the last two decades. These calculations have shown that every third "суперземля" has to be the planet ocean approximately half consisting of water. Despite large amounts of moisture, they can be not similar to Earth at all and have to be not necessarily manned. © ESO/M. Kornmesser Astronomers have opened the list of the next to us of "cousins" of Earth" Yes, on them there is water, however she not such, as on Earth. Temperature of a surface of many such planets exceeds 200 degrees Celsius, and their atmosphere consists of superdense clouds of steam. Only at big "depth" water can be liquid, and at very big depths it becomes ice because of ultrahigh pressure" — Zeng explains. As the scientist notes, start of the TESS telescope, the new orbital "planets hunter", allows to hope for that,



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